Curry┬┤s the way to go ?


An electronic is an everyday requirement. This may include the computers, TV, radios, mobile phones, refrigerators, security lights and some other gadgets that are necessary for our day to day life. It is the electronics that make life worth living as without them life would be quite dull. While buying such electronics, the clients should be sure of the quality since if they are not careful they will end up losing the value of their money. The clients should also aim at buying the electronics at discounted prices, especially with the Currys Voucher.

Top 10 Electronic Companies in the UK

The following are some of the well-known electronic companies in the UK. From the list, there are provisions that the clients can use the curry vouchers and enjoy discounted prices when buying the electronics.

Currys PC World

The clients are able to save up to 50% of the market price when they shop at Currys the biggest UK online stock in electronics. They deal with the electronics from the best producers in the world and this ensures quality. A lot of products like the laptops, drive washing machines, large screen TVs, large capacity fridge freezers and the vacuum cleaners among other electronics are readily available. With the curry’s vouchers, you are able to save over $200 for the high quoted electronics.

Tirna Electronics

This is an electronic design and manufacturer. It has continuously been releasing the easy to use electronics such as the programmed filters and adaptors.

NHT Electronics

This is the UK based electronic company that specializes in the low and high mix electronics. The company supplies the electronics to both the large and small companies in the related fields.


This is a UK based electronics suppliers. They supply the electronic components to the manufacturers around the UK. They deal with thousands of products and normally have the clearance offers.

Rapid Electronics

They are the exporters and distributors of electronics. They offer the portable power products, cables and connectors and other electronics at competitive prices. They do the worldwide delivery and have extended the range over years.

Bridgewater Electronics

This is a UK based company that deals with the electronic designs. They are well known in the vehicle electronics as they normally specialize in motorcycle alarm systems among others.

Kingfield Electronics

This is a contract electronic company that ensures total manufacturing solutions for the clients who are looking for a one-stop-solution. They have both the hardware and software designs.

Dictation solutions

This is an electronic software company that aims at empowering your business. They supply their customers with innovative and client-centered business dictation solution in a professional manner.

UK Electronics LTD

This company deals with electronic assembly and the electronic design. For over 30 years they have been dealing with the electronics and have consistently provided high quality and cost effective services to the clients.

Andrew Lucas

This is a home technology installation that guarantees you the perfect quality. Their electronics ensures you have the comfort, entertainment, and comfort right in your home. Over the years their projects have been recognized and have won several awards.