(meteorobs) CALL FOR HELP! A talk on meteors...

A call for HELP! I'm giving a talk to my astronomy club on Friday, and in
the classic tradition of last-minute preparation, I'm just now thinking
exactly what I should say! I've been toying with the idea of talking about
(what little I know) about the orbital dynamics of meteoroid streams: I
already have a fan, and various sized pieces of paper (cut into the shape
of snowflakes to simulate comet ice), to illustrate mass-sorting. And I've
come up with some lovely black board drawings I can use to illustrate the
ellipticalization of meteoroid orbits due to perturbations.

But now, I'm beginning to have doubts: for one thing, I may not hold the
interest of my audience long with such a theoretical talk! For another, I
may have the reverse problem and run up against the limits of my own
understanding in the talk, or (worse yet) in the Q&A afterwards.

The other thing I've thought of talking about was simply the more "mundane"
topic of amateur meteor observing: how to do it, why it's useful, etc. If
done well, this might win over some converts, but ain't likely to win too
many awards for most jaw-dropping, cliff-hanging meeting-talk of the year...

So now I'm looking for help from the list. What do YOU think: should I talk
about the more exotic and theoretical stuff, and either wow them or look
like a darned fool; OR should I go for the more practical amateur topic,
and look like a (relative) expert, but maybe bore them all. (Just some
background: no one else at the club has yet evinced much interest in trying
meteor observing...)

Any concrete suggestions on exactly which topics to cover are also welcome.

Last Minute Lew

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