Re: Fireball Reporting (was Re: (meteorobs) Pre-Moon Observations)

In a message dated 99-07-09 22:10:40 EDT, you write:

kim<< As for the -3
 wannabe, it was on a similar trajectory, but never made it more than,
 I'd guess, 45 or more degrees to the horizon.  >>

Report the -3 as a fireball. That is the cutoff for IMO. At around 45 degrees 
above the horizon, there is only about 0.2 magnitude worth of correction to 
be made. This would be a fireball on the low end still, even with a 
correction that far above the horizon. If it was a -1 or a -2, it wouldn't 
reach the -3 cutoff point for an IMO fireball report.
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