(meteorobs) Live update DMS Leonids 2000 Expedition

Hi list members
The Delphinus Team (DMS) will try to get you Live updates from our Leonids 2000 expedition
We will go Near live at 16 nov
at "http://www.delpsurf.cistron.nl/"
you can see the expedition impression page
at http://home.wanadoo.nl/delphinus/impres.html
and some first Digital stil-video pictures from the the image intensifiers camera systems at http://home.wanadoo.nl/delphinus/dvleo2.html
The Photo Gallery 2000 will have a lift off at http://delpsurf.www.cistron.nl/leonids2000.htm
Clear Sky to you all
Robert Haas
The Delphinus Team
The photo-equipment of Robert Haas and Casper ter Kuile consists of  twenty
Canon T-70 + 1.8/50 mm optics at each station. More technical information
regarding the camera setups can be found at
"http://delpsurf.www.cistron.nl/haas_array.html" and
"http://home.wanadoo.nl/dms/photo/crtk_array.html".  We will be
photographing from 0 to 6 UT and use exposure times of 10 minutes at
maximum. In case skyconditions are worse we will start photographing at 2
UT and shorten the exposuretime to 7 minutes. Kodak Tri-X is used and
developed to about 800 ASA. The 1.8 lenses will be stopped down to 2.8. The
array's of Canon T-70's are fully automated through the use of the Canon
Command Back 70.  A powergenerator will provide energy for the rotating
shutter and the heating of the lenses and camera's.

The video-equipment of Carl Johannink and Casper ter Kuile consists of a
Canon 1.2/50 mm aspherical objective followed by the AEG XX1400 Image
Intensifier and a Panasonic digital camcorder NV-DA1. Romke Schievink at
the second station has a similar video image intensifier setup. To be able
to point these two systems at the correct aimingpoint 100 km high in the
sky the Q-richt program of Marc de Lignie is used at the laptop.