Re: (meteorobs) Fwd: "CLOSEST FLYBY EVER"

>     Too bad!  It would make one terrific fireball and a great spectrum
> would keep Jiri busy for months!  ;-)
> Ed Majden

Hello Ed and others,

And it would create quite heck of a bang too, with an estimated diameter of
20 yards or so. It would probably shake your spectrograph to smithereens

Just for fun, I have been using Neslusan et al.'s meteor radiant software to
see what the theoretical radiant of 2004 FH (and any particles in similar
orbits) would be:

March 19.0, 2004,
alfa 226 degrees, dec. -4 degrees, Vgeo 6.9 km/s (which is Vini ~13.2 km/s)

This is a radiant in northern Libra. It would concern very slow meteors

I did a search for such meteors in the IAU database (using Drummond's D'
criterion with D' <0.105, and the pre-encounter orbit from MPEC 2004-F26)
and found one in the precision files, and two in the graphic reduction
files, all from the Harvard Super Schmidt project:

9673  13 Dec 1956
7397   16 Apr 1953
6855  13 Mar 1953

- Marco

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