Iphone 7 vs Iphone 6

The underachieved, disappointing flagship from Apple, the Iphone 7 is just an upgraded version of Iphone 6 and if you already own an Iphone 6, you have no need to upgrade your device.

Iphone 7, which was launched earlier this year and made a record breaking pre order sales was expected to deliver more than it did. The iPhone 7 unquestionably hasn’t slipped into the world with a whine on account of a commonplace plan, earphone debate and a value climb apparently in the wake of Brexit.

When you take a gander at it you’ll ponder what’s changed. It appears to be identical as an iPhone 6. Allowed that outline was great, however would some other organization escape with a two-year-old search for a fresh out of the box new telephone?

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Move beyond this and the iPhone 7 conveys a one of a kind affair among iPhones. There are a lot of new elements added in the phone and it is safer to say that Iphone 7 is a successful upgrade of its previous Iphone 6 version. The newest Apple flagship is water resistance, a staggering quad-center processor and, vitally, a 32GB beginning stockpiling limit are all exceptionally welcome. So is the incredible camera that moves up to really improved photographs look, as opposed to only an unnecessary knock in megapixels. 

The latest Apple phone is also coming in the trademark Jet black color and hence is loved by the Apple fans more than any other apple device. So it might be nice to have a discount for the purchase, right?

The Iphone 7 is completely water resistant, shock resistant and hence it is useable in damp places as well. One of the unique features of the phone due to which it broke every previous sales records. There’s very little to discuss with regards to the style of the iPhone 7. On the off chance that you’ve utilized an iPhone 6 or 6S you’ll feel promptly at home.

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For emerging from the iPhone swarm, the new Jet Black finish will be your choice when looking for an Iphone 7. A Jet Black iPhone 7 resembles no other handset. Not like the plastic iPhone 5C, this device is a telephone made out of metal; however which is smooth to touch without being elusive. Yes, it draws in fingerprints, yet who cares when it looks this great?

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The second new shading on offer is essentially called Black. This replaces the Space Gray of past models and makes the iPhone 7 resembles a mean machine. Alternate hues accessible are Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. So if you are considering buying one would be also good to have a cover to protect your phone.

The iPhone 7’s size and shape is practically indistinguishable to the past models, however the receiving wire groups that some time ago kept running over the back now elegantly bend around the finishes, and the camera stub is more adjusted. These progressions are little, yet welcome. It feels like contenders have surpassed Apple in a few regards, however.

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The newly launched Iphone 7 and 7 plus have an enhanced camera. 7 plus is coming with dual camera providing ultra pixels. Iphone 7 although coming with just one camera like its previous model, but is enhanced in quality and resolution of picture.

The size of the device is same as previous one and hence is it called as just the upgrade of its ancestor Iphone 6. The iphone7 comes withour a headphone jack and a lot of fuss has been made regarding this issue. The wired headphones are replaced with wireless headphone technology and a dongle is used instead of wire with Iphone 7 making it easier to use hands free while driving and on the go. So far, the device is a success and it surely comes with a lot of pros which attracts a user to buy this handsome Apple device.