Google, the world’s most popular search engine has known to manufacture some handsets in the past under their flag ship. The famous Nexus serious is known to all but none of the former mobile phones stands against the latest smart phone developed and manufactured by Google, Pixel.

The 5 Inches 1080P ultra HD smartphone can be compared to any expensive branded smart phone and so far is known as the best alternative of the Iphone in the market. The phone powered by snapdragon processor is surely a powerful, stable set and is one of its kinds.

Google Pixel - meteorobs

The Google Pixel is a historic point gadget, flagging the main appropriate attack into smart phone indutry by the web crawler goliath. What’s more, kid, has it benefited an occupation.

The Pixel is accessible industry by a search engine. Pixel is the first ever set that has been manufactured by a search engine. The previous nexus series was manufactured by the collaboration of Google under the flagship of LG etc. but Pixel is the first phone manufactured totally and wholly by Google. Pixel comes in two sizes, the smaller one and a bigger 5.5-inch Pixel XL.

You need to pay a premium for these components – this positively isn’t a Nexus-estimated gadget – yet it’s a long way from the main telephone to cost a pretty penny. What’s more, when it’s this great, it merits paying that bit additional.


With 12 MP back and 8 MP front cameras, the Pixel captures high quality images in 1080P resolution. 4 GB RAM makes it powerful and a fast processing device. Pixel comes with 32 GB internal storage space while the Pixel XL has 128 GB internal storage space.

The slightest energizing part about the entire thought of the Google Pixel is its plan. Several individuals detest it totally, yet this device is splendidly serviceable according to my perspective. It isn’t as conspicuous as Samsung’s Galaxy S7, however it’s much more pleasant than the most recent cluster of iPhones.

The body is produced using metal and glass, essentially a given nowadays, and it decreases down somewhat on the back to dodge any pointless camera knocks. A roundabout unique mark sensor sits beneath the camera sensor, and both are encased in a divisive glass board that keeps running about 33% of the path down the back. Some in the Trusted Reviews’ office despise it; however I think it includes some energy, getting the light pleasantly. It is a unique mark magnet and scratches effectively, be that as it may.

Google Pixel Ear Jack - meteorobs

Not at all like Apple, Google incorporates a 3.5mm earphone jack, yet I’d have favored for it to have been set at the base as opposed to the highest point of the telephone. Likewise, Google has utilized a wide bezel above and underneath the screen – simply like the iPhone. It would have regarded to see this space utilized for a couple of front-confronting speakers – possibly this will accompany the Pixel 2.

The sides are vigorously chamfered, and this helps the gadget to fit easily in your grasp. This is one of the most straightforward telephones to hold, helped by the reality it isn’t excessively thin.

It’s additionally totally usable in one hand, something that can’t be said for the bigger Pixel XL. It’s generally an indistinguishable size from an iPhone 7, only somewhat taller and hardly thicker.

The smart size makes it easier to use to this phone and hence increases the accountability of the handset. The device has a display size of 5 inches and hence it is easy to handle while enjoying all the benefits of a bigger phone.

The device is a hit and despite of its high price, it is a product that can be tried and offers a lot of benefits to a sophisticated mobile user.