The once top ranked smart phone brand, HTC, has gone through many ups and downs in recent times and was on the urge to get broke some 2, 3 years ago. The company however has started manufacturing new phones again and is gaining the lost reputation among the smart phone market once again by manufacturing a lot of phones lately.

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HTC 10 one of the best phones launched

HTC 10 is so far one of the best phones launched by the company. The company who formerly paid attention to the hardware f the phones while adopting the basic software has now changed their way and is adopting the latest trends of the market. HTC 10 comes with one of the best software in the market available in the shape of HTC sense 7. With android 6.0 and 4 GB RAM, the fast processing, heavy duty, durable phone is all you want if you are a HTC fan.

The HTC 10 has stood the task of time surprisingly well. Following quite a while of utilization I haven’t had any difficult issues with the telephone so far. Not at all like contending smart phones, like Huawei P9 and Samsung galaxy J7, the HTC 10 remains extremely quick. Recreations open in a matter of seconds and run chug-and stammer free and I’m yet to have a genuine programming crash.

So the set is a goof one in this sense. It is really a fast processing multi tasking android phone which has brought the old customers of HTC back to table. With a powerful snapdragon processor, HTC 10 is durable, strong and surely a long lasting handset.

The telephone has additionally survived more than normal wear and tear. And in addition a few standard coincidental drops onto Trusted Reviews’ covered floor, the telephone additionally survived a dangerous contact with a tree after an unplanned excursion while running. It stayed break and chip free.

Main Characteristics of HTC 10

Battery life has somewhat disintegrated, however not as much as I’d anticipated. The HTC 10 still effortlessly endures an entire day away from work one charge and I routinely figure out how to seek out two days with light utilize. Battery life is not as good as the competitor’s phones but otherwise, it’s a must buy.

Unlike other phones of HTC, HTC 10 has not made any hardware of software issue so far. The set is smooth and runs brilliantly. The only con so far found in this otherwise perfect smart phone device is the high price. HTC is known to make expensive phones and hence it is also a slightly expensive handset when it comes to take a risk regarding HTC.

The ultra pixel camera technology has enhanced the camera and picture resolution of the HTC 10. HTC is using the ultra pixel technology for a while now and hence pictures taken in extreme lightening gets washed out. This issue however, is solvable with care.

The enhanced audio and super innovative headphone technology has made this product a unique one in international market. Setting aside the telephone’s Heavy speakers that, while above normal, are just valuable to the users that demand listening loud music, the HTC 10’s standalone earphone amp is its best element.
The HTC 10 utilizes a devoted DAC and additionally earphone amp. HTC claims the 10’s amp is twice as capable as contending smart phones. The HTC 10 reliably conveys better sound quality than contending phones, including the Galaxy S7, LG G5, One Plus 3 and Huawei P9 on an assortment of types.


The HTC comes with HTC promo codes and coupons. The company has launched it initially as a promotion and a lot of promos codes and coupons are available with the handset. The company will however launch another lot of set without any of the offers but so far the set is enjoyable with online promo codes and several discount offers.If you prefer Samsung , you can also get some samsung coupons at the mamma website.