The trademark product of Samsung, the Note 7 has gone through many ups and downs and finally the company has recalled the recently launched phone with over 2.5 Millions sales.

Note 7, which was launched in mid of this year had some issues with the battery due to which the company had to recall it. Note 7, the trademark Samsung smart phone brand launched with high expectations and promises.

The 5.7 Inches dual edge super LED note 7 was one of its kinds. With a huge RAM of 4 GB, the phone was surely a fast processing, durable and high quality phone.

Samsung Promo Codes and Promotions

Review Samsung Note 7 - meteorobs

It was launched earlier this year by Samsung with many promo codes and promotions. Besides preorders due to the hype, many people bought Note 7 because of the promo codes and offers that Samsung offered with the phone. But shortly after its launch, the battery problem occurs in most pieces and many set exploded due to over load of the battery. Let’s dig deep into the features the phone provided and the specs of the Note 7.


The Note 7’s perfect blend of metal and glass, its symmetrical sides, and adjusted corners make it the most delightful looking smart phone I’ve seen in ages. It’s only an excellent bit of gadgetry. In any case, the plan isn’t only for feel. It’s all in support of that extra large screen and ensuring that the bargains that accompany a vast show are minimized. The Note 7’s outline is astoundingly utilitarian, giving the Note 7 a typical smart phone feel, despite the fact that it has a gigantic display.

Success of Samsung Note 7

Samsung Note 7 - meteorobs

The main reason of the success of Note 7 was that this device is little smaller when compared to whatever other telephone in this class. It’s 4.7mm shorter and 4mm smaller than the Apple IPhone 6S Plus. It’s also almost 5.8mm shorter in height and 3.9mm smaller than the Nexus 6P, and even 2.2mm smaller than its older version Note 5. The Note 7’s measurements make it simpler to handle, less demanding and of course easier to slip into a pocket, and for the most part it feels much more pleasant to use than any other telephone with a wide screen.

The bended sides of the show don’t shout “take a gander at me” entirely as much as the S7 Edge’s emotional curves. They have an unpretentious bend that gives compliment show zone and contorts the picture on the screen less, yet still figures out how to make the Note 7 smaller than if it had a completely level show. The Note 7’s back glass board reflects the front bends precisely, giving the telephone its visual symmetry and agreeable feel.

The perfectly balanced smart phone in terms of style, power and durability was launched in late July-August by Samsung but unfortunately the battery flaw made the device vulnerable to heat, shock etc. The battery of Note 7 was not able to survive the heat and overload and exploded in many sets. The set that was launched as a promotion was later replaced by another device that too couldn’t minimize the flaw and ultimately ended up in recalling by the company.

What Now Samsung?


Samsung is now planning to re launch the most successful, stylish and powerful phone by the start of next year as Samsung S8. Problems regarding battery issues are being the hottest news in Samsung headquarters and the phone which will re launch as Samsung Galaxy S8 will be expected to eliminate this issue of over heat and explosion. Powerful Quad-Core Snapdragon device with 64 GB storage space is surely one to watch when looking for a perfect smart phone. Maybe you’ll enjoy a discount for purchase.