MeteorObs is a site dedicated to meteoritics, which is the science of meteors, meteoroids, and meteorites. The team that stands behind this site is a group of enthusiasts with a penchant for exploration.

We wanted to create a community where both amateurs and professionals could come and explore the cosmic complexities with us. From meteoroids that break from bigger chunks of asteroids to minute micro-rocks that we collect from the ground… We want to talk about it all! Here you will find everything related to “shooting stars”.

After years of experience in the “meteor department”, we realized that this is not exactly rocket science. But it comes very close! Therefore, we made sure to offer content that provides enough insight directly to fellow enthusiasts of all levels. Hence, we will discuss a wide array of topics related to meteors, including fireballs, comets, storms, showers, and asteroids. Meteor observation and shower prediction are high on our list of priorities.

And you are always welcome to join the discussion. This here is a community where we can share the experiences (and love) of celestial rock events.