Re: (meteorobs) 2 Meteors in the ‘Jaws’ movie

  • Subject: Re: (meteorobs) 2 Meteors in the ‘Jaws’ movie
  • From: Trevor Pendleton
  • Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 17:17:44 -0000
Hi all,

glad that I am not the only one who has noticed
this, ( I recall only seeing one which moved
down at an eight o'clock angle to the horizon,
seen behind the ships captain when he goes
on deck)

This one certainly had me fooled if it was a
special effect, even showing variations in
brightness when played back in slow motion.

I have not read anything about these possible
meteors in any literature, but they are the kind
of little details that Spielberg may well add to
a film.

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Subject: (meteorobs) 2 Meteors in the 'Jaws' movie

> I thought about this many times before I was on this list and was reminded
> while watching the movie again last night.
> (Wake up your memories...)
> In the original Jaws movie, about 2/3 of the way through the movie.
> After the shark has the 'floats' attached, everyone is sitting calmly in
> cabin.
> Through the window a red meteor streaks left to right (and down), then
> 20 seconds later, during an external view of the boat, another red meteor
> streaks right to left (opposite direction) at a different angle.
> Were these meteors documented at the time of the making of the movie ?
> Or were they put in there, for some reason I don't understand, by the
> special effects people?
> They look natural.
> Anyone remember any comments about the Jaws meteors?
> If they're not special effects I'd be curious as to the date/time/location
> of the making of these scenes.
> Thanks.
> Bruce.